January New Beginings



When a new year begins, a bunch of new opportunities can pop up in your life if you truly wish for a change. It is common to make a bucket list in December and start in January with this small or massive change. However, taking those wishes or resolutions is not that easy. How many times have we made this buck list? And how many times have we done them? Is it something to judge? Not at all. It is something to think about and take into action. Action is the making of the imagination. Even with those small wishes, it seems we have to move mountains when in reality is a matter of perspective. A dream or an idea can change the world. Why don’t we dare to dream hard, wish hard, and, above all, manifest what we have in our minds?
So, do you have your bucket list for this year? Are you ready to make yourself your best version? Take a deep breath, think of what you really want to have, feel that emotion as if you already have it, and enjoy the magic of dreaming and manifesting.
Many spectacular things can happen when the year starts, and everybody pushes hard to make them happen and enjoy them. But what happens when Christmas is over, and we see all those 365 days coming next? Is it joy or sorrow? What does your city do to cheer you up and ease everything?
Here, some of our students share their wishes for this year, and others tell us things that happen in their cities when the new year begins.

January. A new beginning, a new opportunity.

Over the decades, the beginning of a new year has shown the perfect chance to step out of your comfort zone and achieve your bucket list’s goals. Nevertheless, most people fail in the journey, so what is essential to know before starting to get the ball rolling is creating a clear vision board and allowing yourself to be open to innovation and flexibility.
One of the motives for designing your own mood board is that it provides the starting point for your new lifestyle. Besides, among if benefits, you will find that it would insufflate an enormous amount of motivation necessary to go ahead. Even it could inspire you through the visual part in terms of helping you to pursue your dreams.
Furthermore, learning the value of remodeling and a willingness to adapt will probably significantly change the final results. For instance, if you consistently have negative thoughts, you should change them to more positive musings to improve your outlook on life. Moreover, this little replacement will reverberate in your future. Nonetheless, it requires a lot of discipline to increase your skill set and knowledge, in addition, to letting changes emotionally, mentally, and physically be worth it.
In a few words, our current global situation has shown that some things have been left in the air and should be replaced without fearing failure because letting the door open to newness will make a difference hereafter.


How many times have you been dreaming to get your objectives but you don’t have enough willpower to do it? That’s why the new year’s dream list exists and all over the world should mark their aims in life. But some people use it as an excuse to reach their dreams.
There’re more chances in the new year because it is like a second opportunity to improve yourself. There are many types of wishes, but regularly the most wanted are to be better physically, for example, in London, 60% of British want to go more to the gym and develop their bodies. If you succeed, you could be healthier or reach the point to be a well-built person. Besides this, there are other cases where students want to reach better marks and improve themselves to get better grades. For example: in China, 75% of students want to be better at high school, and the college wants that new change, so in their new dream list, they will be more committed to studies to have their future secured.
In my case, as a student, I propose both and even more objectives. For example, I want to reach my future black belt in Taekwondo to have more opportunities to turn my dreams come true. Another is that I want to get my C1 English certification. It could open new frontiers in my life because nowadays, this could open new gates to getting a new job. What about you? Have you already written your new dreams list?


My New Year´s resolution is to be more productive than last year because only when I work harder, I will achieve my goals and spend time alone. I think if you feel good about yourself and your thoughts nothing will stop you.
Until today, I used to do the homework on time, but I know that I can do better so, why not try it? All my friends support me so there´s no excuse not to do it. Both resolutions are vital to my well-being because I used to spend little time alone, and I don´t cherish how much fault it makes me.
Years ago, my aims were to lose weight, do more exercise, and eat more vegetables, for example. But my life didn´t change. Now I rest assured that I would do whatever comes to your mind to achieve them because I have my eye on it, and I am a very perseverant person.


What if I tell you that you are in time to start the gym? That famous and classic objective that all people mention. However, how many of them achieve it? This is your month! January, a new beginning and new opportunities!
Starting a new year not only brings hope to maintain health or happiness but also brings the purpose of practicing new activities to obtain exceptional results and experiences. That means a new beginning to start a different university career with the goal to work in your dream job. A job that allows you to gain your first salary, your first apartment, and your first professional experience abroad.
Furthermore, a new year could be an excellent occasion to smile more and complain less. That means being grateful for the little and minimum details that life offers us. Not only with all the materials, family, and friends we have but also with health and love.
Personally talking, a new year is a year that I have been more with my grandparents, with whom I have a special bond. They are the angels that guide me both when I feel lost and when I am in my best life. So, taking advantage of them one more year is a brilliant gift.
Talking realistically, every goal we set in our lives will be hard to achieve but not impossible. We must be constant and face to face with the issues that appear in our way to achieve them. It is said that life is only three days, and we are on the second day. So, are you going to wait until the gym arrives at your house, or will you wake up, prepare your bag and go there?

Soledad Márquez García-Luengo

A year more has come to an end, and some strong and renewed hopes start visiting people’s hearts and brightening their souls. The new year’s resolutions lists come back to us once again, helping or betraying us. Effectively, not everything is like rainbows in our dreams, and despite feeling sad, it is important to be realistic too to balance their pure fantasy with the time we wake up and come back to reality. Therefore, unless we focus on our goals properly and prepare our mindset for the challenge when we reach the end of the year, we will be the same person we are now, and slowly start losing all our self-confidence. If that is what you want, you can stop reading this article and avoid wasting time. Nevertheless, only if you want to build a strong mentality should you keep reading to make yourself acquainted with some tips to reach your goals. There is little doubt that practice makes perfect, but I believe that this globally famous quote is commonly misunderstood. What do we understand as perfection anyway? Let’s picture this situation through an example. These two brothers called Harry and Jack loved painting and wanted to become artists, but each of them, as a reflection of the drastic difference in their personalities, carried out different processes. Jack, on the one hand, more perfectionist, decided to do one drawing a week, but this one drawing A+ was worth it. Harry’s strategy, on the other hand, more relaxed and analytic, consisted of painting one piece a day, with no interest in perfection, just experimenting and improving his skills. As a result, the situation ended up with Jack being stressed out and having almost given up, being the owner of good but not perfect drawings, and Harry chilling with tons of drawings, hands down a bunch of them were lame, but several A+ worth drawings also highlight in his collection. Taking all this into consideration, what we can conclude from this story is that consistency is the key, and the more you practice, the easier your task becomes. Another factor to work on, equally important, consists of mental strength. Knowing the theory is key. However, with no motivation and limits, it is not easy to carry it out. As someone once said, “You are unhappy because you are constantly happy.” You get lost scrolling on social media and allow yourself to eat a snack whenever you want. “It’s just a bar of chocolate,” you say. “Just one more tik tok”. And then, at the end of the day, you look back, realizing you have not done anything at all, with hundreds of regrets. Put an end to that situation. Try asking yourself, “why?” Every time you are going to procrastinate. Set a routine, including, of course, resting times. Investigate productivity methods. Start slow and with no hurries. In brief, among everything that we could learn from this article, two main points highlight: being consistent in your resolutions and working on your mental strength is the key to your personal success. Be healthier, and make this new opportunity January offers us the good.


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