The moment has come, so put on your dancing shoes and try to find something in your winter wardrobe that isn’t black or gray and suit up—it’s Carnival season. This time of lively parades, colorful costumes, and generous amounts of food and drink help get us through our post-holiday season winter funk and creates vivid memories full of fun and entertaiment.


While it sounds like one big party, history and centuries-old traditions are a big part of Carnival’s modern makeup. Keep reading to learn more about when, how, and where you can celebrate Carnival in Spain. Some of our students will tell you interesting things about how Carnival is celebrated in their cities.

Mercedes Calixto B2 student



Over the years, the most creative and authentic festivity, known as Carnival, has attracted crowds in search of adrenaline and the sheer pleasure of sound and rhythm. Nevertheless, what engages, is why this celebration has managed to attract so many people globally.


One of the motives is having the opportunity to elaborate stunning costumes.
Furthermore, this allows people to set aside their constant individuality and experience a
heightened sense of social unity. Besides, Carnival summons up memories of childhood
but also reaches into our ancestral memories of fun times throughout recent history.


Another purpose is the staggering floats. The floats mostly portray curr ent affairs and have a satirical and political nature. This type of humor is as therapeutic as riotous and infectious. Nevertheless, there is some ugliness and a dark side to this festivity. Currently, Carnival has been losing the original tradition, whose roots come from a primitive festival. People leverage to make street parties, which may lead to fights and unrest.


In a few words, this celebration attracts many people due to its uniqueness and the chance to increase the value of real artistic expressio n. Carnival is, therefore, an allegory about showing our true selves because, underneath the disguise, there is no fear of rejection.

C1 student
Silvia Moreno Vega

Carnivals at Miguelturra

As far as I know, in Miguelturra, we have the best Carnival in the province. But how is a Carnival in Miguelturra?


On the one hand, we have the finest orchestra in the entire province. This one acts every year’s Carnival and Easter, and it is spectacular how they mark the beat and continue the compass while walking simultaneously. It could be unimaginable if it’s your first day in a band. They can only make you be in a bed of roses because the fineness they transmit is not reachable for everybody. You must come here and ambiance with your ears the best music you have ever tuned in.


On the other hand, in Miguelturra, we have the most contented people. They will accept you in this sumptuous festival if you are new here. Their parades are the most attractive in the area. They masked up and display their best party att itude. In addition to this, I have to say that I can’t choose one of the last carnivals because everyone has marked me since childhood.


To sum up, I recommend that everybody relish their carnival lifestyle because it’s the best thing you’ll ever see. So come here and be entertained for sure. Alonso Martín de Almagro Herance.

C1 student
Alonso Martín de Almagro Herance


Carnival always has been one of my favorite festivities since I was a child. We used to dress up with a group of friends we often won awards. It takes from Saturday to Tuesday. My enjoyable days are Sunday and Monday. I have never been out on Saturday because my parents returned home so late and I could not stand it. We dressed up as Elvis and last year were Kiss, the music band, we won so many prizes. And the real carnival close is Wednesday with “El Entierro de la Sardina.” It takes part in the afternoon, and many people “cry” because it ends.


I could be pointing out the positive aspects for a long time, but the essential ones are that you spend a lot of time with friends, and it is hilarious. You create many memories with them. And the most essential fo r me is that it involves a party and I love it, especially town parties are the best, they have something which makes them exclusive. And on the other hand, it takes negative aspects. When the party finishes, there is a lot of dirt in the place, and so man y neighbors complain about this and the noise.


I delight in the carnival, but this year will be a little different because I will be all this time in Rome with my relatives. To be honest, I want to see an Italian carnival. I am convinced it will be an unf orgettable experience.


C1 student
Lydia Magán

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