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Welcome to Arcadie College, an organization of professionals in multilingual training that offers innovative quality educational service to schools, companies and individuals. We have a counseling center and a school for parents. We prepare our students for internationally accepted official qualifications, organise linguistic excursions abroad and design bilingual projects according to your needs.

Who are we?

We are a group of professionals with extensive experience in the field of Training and Education. Our challenge is to offer all our experience at the service of the people to provide the best Formative-Educative option in our region, investing in new Languages Immersion Programs, innovative learning methods and training projects for teenagers and adults.
Our infrastucture covers all current individual and collective needs. Our cutting-edge academic programs make learning more enjoyable and easier. Our aim is to provide a high quality training for everyone leading, to positive social change. Therefore, skills, attitudes and leanguae competences are improved through updated methods that contribute to the development of multilingual people.
Arcadie College is a recognized Educational and Social Institution where everyone has access to better school and job opportunities. We train students introduccing them to Bilingualism, improving their dialectical skills so that they can compete with the main demands of today´s society, demostrational and professional level.

Learn Spanish in Spain with Arcadie College

At Arcadie College you will find quality courses with an easy and fast learning method, from A1 to C2, that cover all your needs both to learn Spanish and to obtain the official qualifications. If you live and work in any part of Spain or you are an ERASMUS student, we offer you Spanish courses to obtain the B2 level with discounts for online and face-to-face classes through our Schools located in ANDALUSIA (Granada and Malaga), in CATALONIA (Barcelona), in MADRID, in CASTILLA LA MANCHA (Ciudad Real) and in the CANARY ISLANDS (Santa Cruz de Tenerife, Arona).
  • Intensive courses.
  • Long-term courses.
  • Evening courses.
  • Conversation classes.
  • Grammar classes.
  • Online courses.
  • DELE (and SIELE) courses
  • Catalan courses
  • Euskera courses
  • Courses for teachers
  • B1 Spanish exam to obtain the cab driver license.
  • DELE exam.
  • SIELE exam.
  • Catalan exams.

Nivel umbral:

Nivel exigido para la obtención de la nacionalidad.

  • A1  (Acceso)
  • A2 (Plataforma)


Nivel plataforma:

Niel exigido para la obtención de BECAS, acceso a la Universidad, para trabajar y opositar (Plazas de Taxi) etc…

  • B1 (Intermedio)
  • B2 (Nivel bilingüe)


Nivel avanzado:

Nivel exigido para Profesionales y Docentes.

  • C1 (Dominio eficaz)
  • C2 (Maestria)


How to get a student visa?

Through the website of the Embassy of the country from which the visa is requested, you can obtain a NATIONAL VISA APPLICATION FORM to fill out and submit (it is important to follow the instructions on the website for this purpose).

What do we need to provide to complete a national visa application forms, or student visa?

  • Passport must be valid for the entire period for which the visa is requested.
  • 3 passport size photos with white background must be submitted.
  • The Certificate or Diploma granted by the University or Educational Institution of the country where the applicant completed his/her last studies and a certificate of work developed in his/her country must be accredited.
  • A letter of admission to a public or private educational institution, officially recognized by the Spanish educational authorities, to carry out or extend studies or to carry out research, must be provided.
  • Arcadie College is accredited by the Instituto Cervantes, and collaborates with the University of Castilla la Mancha among others.
  • You must provide a Program with the content of the course, training or research to be carried out.
  • Medical insurance with coverage during the entire stay in Spain must be contracted for medical expenses or repatriation associated with an accident or sudden illness.
  • It is also important to present a Certificate of contracted accommodation.
  • It is vital to provide documentation proving the economic resources available for the entire duration of the studies (bank accounts, loans, credits, income tax return, scholarships, etc.). In case of not having these economic means, it is possible to present guarantees that are responsible for the living expenses during the stay as for example that of the parents or legal representatives, together with an original letter in which they commit themselves to finance all the studies and the stay in Spain. In the case of underage students, the authorization of the parents or legal representatives must always be submitted.
  • Airline ticket reservations must be provided.

If the stay is longer than 6 montgs, it is also required

  • For adults (over 18 years of age), a criminal record certificate (a «police record» from the Legalization Department of the Ministry of Foreign Affairs) must be provided.
  • A medical certificate proving that the student «does not suffer from diseases that may have serious repercussions on public health, in accordance with the provisions of the International Health Regulations of 2005». (Requirements vary from country to country, it is advisable to check with the Spanish Embassy).

Registration and payment

Arcadie College delivers the certificate of enrollment, once the student has paid the total amount of the study program.

The price includes: The level test at the beginning and at the end of the course, the preparation for the official exam (DELE or SIELE), consumable material during the course (additional photocopies given by the teacher in class), access to the Virtual School, as well as the audio-visual reinforcement contents for a better learning of the 4 language skills (prices do not include books).

Study programs with a duration of more than 4 months can obtain a discount of up to 25% (depending on the duration).

To request any change, once the place in our school has been confirmed, or once the admission or enrollment process has been completed, it must always be communicated by writing, via email at least 15 days before the possible execution of the change to be discussed.

Cancellation of registration and refund

If you wish to cancel your enrollment, you must send us a written request, via email, stating the real reason for the cancellation, with attached documents: a copy of your passport, the original Arcadie College certificate confirming your reservation and a copy of the official visa refusal document.

  1. For any refund, the official visa refusal document must always be presented. In case of cancellation 15 working days before the first day of the course in which you have enrolled, the school will apply a penalty of 250 euros as a cancellation fee.

    In case of cancellation, with less than 15 days notice and before the first day of the course in which the student has enrolled, the school will only refund 65% of the total amount paid as cancellation fees.

  2. Refund without presenting the official visa refusal document.
    In case of cancellation without documentary justification, with less than 15 days notice and before the first day of the course in which the student has enrolled, the school only refunds 65% of the total amount paid as cancellation fees. However, if the student cancels after the beginning of the course he/she has enrolled in, the school will not refund the amount paid, nor will it make any changes to transfer the contracted course to another person. In case of refund, the student will have to pay the bank fees.

To study Spanish and obtain an official DELE A1-C2 (Spanish nationality exams and CCSE), or the certificate of SPANISH B1 FOR TAXI OPERATORS recognized by the EMT, come to Arcadie College.

Why study in Arcadie College?

The courses and programmes include

Programmes for everyone at any time of the year. In the same way, our service is also available without attending classes focusing on practicing and experiencing the language within the culture. If you are a 16-year-old-or-older student or professional, you can find spacious classrooms totally equipped for either groups or individual classe in our facilities. All our students can enjoy themselves in our relaxation, reading, or music areas. Besides, we have eating rooms with free Wi-Fi and Computer rooms.

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