Merry Christmas and Happy New Year

It has always been said that Christmas is a magical time full of joy, good wishes, carols, lights, Christmas trees, and lots of presents and love to give. Families find peace among each other and celebrate together the splendor of this season. And this is our eternal wish for every Christmas and any other day during the year.

As everybody knows, Christmas is a significant and massive celebration in some countries, but it doesn’t even exist in other places. That sounds impossible for believers. There are some other cases, like in Spain, Christmas is celebrated in a medium way. In a medium way? How is that? Well, let’s see what some of our students say about how they celebrate their Christmas to see what “medium” means and some other things related to the Holiday.

Merry Christmas! We hope you receive one blessing after another this coming year.

Chrismast Time

It is widely known that Christmas is the best time of the year, due to the possibility of receiving gifts and even meeting relatives you have notseen formany years. Nevertheless, isth isthemain point of the holiday, or is there another reason why it captivates thousands of people every year?In recent years, it has been shown that many people wish for this event just for material things and notto carry onwith the tradition whose ro ots come fromancestraltimes and have remained intact since then. Furthermore, children do not have an illusion and do not believe that this is magical.This is not related to powers. It means that this holiday has a stunning atmosphere due to the happiness and wishes everyone has.Moreover, at this time of the year, there are feelings in the air caused by meeting your family, also by walking acrossthe street and watching the Christmaslights that decorate every building in the town.
In a few words, it has hands-down one of my favorite holidays that is right up my alley owing to seeing in everybody's eyesthe wish they have to enjoy the festivity.

Sivia Moreno - C1. Student

What I love about Christmas is…

Christmas has been my favorite season of the year since I was a child. I love all the family plans we can do at this time of the year.I spent my first Christmas when I was one year old in Disneyland. My parents try to make a special and unforgettable plan each year. The one for this year is skiing in the Sierra Nevada, going to "el arco del Sol" with my granny and spending the following weekend in a house in the countryside in Segovia as I do since I was a child.And the point is, what makes Christmas the best part of the year? I firmly believe that food, the Spanish dinners of Christmas eve and new years are my favorite. We eat meat, fish, and the best part, the desserts my granny prepare. I've got a gut feeling that these will be very special.

Lydia, C1 student

What I love about Christmas is the feeling of being at home, but not because I am in Teruel, because of the people that make me feel at home. For many years, Christmas was irrelevant to me because I didn't value how lucky I was. My mother cooks for me every day and goes to the supermarket thinking about what she is going to buy to make me smile. My father, who is flawless with wood, works on some projects for my room or my grandmother's house. And all these things start to make sense when you live alone. After mornings working hard on my exams, my friends and I met to play cards or table games all the afternoons and eat Turrón while talking about what we have done in three months.When the night comes, we go home, and I think that's the best part of my holidays when my grandmother prepares out-of-this-world chocolate with muffins.To be fair, I have lucked out with this cheering family. It entails loving Christmas despite having exams in January and studying for exams during the large part of this time.

Rosa Carcelero. C1 Student


Merry Christmas and Happy New Year

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